UFO-Shaped Houseboat

It may look like a stranded UFO but this futuristic machine is actually a kind of yacht. The UFO houseboat has place for 100 guests and has an underwater living room. The incredible boat is the brainchild of designer Pierpolo Lazzarini, “People are worried about the seaworthiness but in reality there is not (the) kind of risk compared to other similar sized boats we are used to sailing with,” said Lazzarini.  The “UFO 2.0” boat will feature for a three-level structure with the top operating as a party deck. The lower, underwater levels can be used for residential and storage space. It will hold a total of 100 people and will pootle along at about ten miles per hour. Lazzarini insists his 65-foot-diameter houseboat will be able to take off just like a flying object.

“This UFO will also fly and the first delivery is expected in 2018.” he said. Anyone wanting to buy a UFO 2.0 would have to arrange a very special delivery.




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