Buyer Spots ‘Ghost’ in Real Estate Listing

A PROPERTY buyer was stunned after stumbling across a spooky surprise on a house hunting website, with many viewers believing there is a ghost lurking in one of the snaps. This beautiful six bedroom, three bathroom home in Granville, Massachusetts, was listed for $650,000. The home, which was built in 1765, comes with an impressive 37 acres of open meadows and woodland, but it may also come with something more sinister which nobody bargained for. Hidden amongst a series of innocent, normal pictures of the impressive property, this picture seems to feature a surprising bonus which wasn’t in the house’s description – the sinister silhouette of a ghostly woman stood in the doorway.

One user was quick to ruin everyone’s fun and explain that the strange apparition was probably the result of a photographic mistake or a fusion of multiple photographs. They said: “Sorry to bust your bubble but this pictures of this house are HDR , that means that are the combination of at least 3 pictures together to get a high dynamic range effect. “In one of those pictures a person walked in to frame. And then all the pictures were combined to get this final effect.” This isn’t the first time we’ve been spooked by a ghostly occurrence.



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