Husband Tears Finger off when Wedding Ring gets stuck

Samuel James Bowles of England, decided to hop over a fence to retrieve a soccer ball when his finger became lodged beneath wire mesh and eventually cut off. He said”I landed on the floor and realized something was up because my face was warm from blood.”

“My finger was squirting blood everywhere and it was when I tried to stop the bleeding that I realised I had no finger to grab. One of the lads on the pitch realised my finger had fallen onto the pitch.”

“He picked it up and luckily he was a doctor so shoved it in ice and ran round to me.”

The soccer-player was rushed to University Hospital Coventry where he was told that his remaining finger stump was so shredded they wouldn’t be able to sew on the missing half. Instead surgeons cut the finger down to the knuckle – while Samuel was awake – so that he had a neat stump.


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