Incredible Doctor Cycled the Globe Treating Patients

Next time you complain about your morning commute, spare a thought for Dr Steven Fabes who has cycled 53,285 miles over the last six years on his mission to help and empower people. The adventurous medic swapped his London tube for his trusty bike back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back, cycling a distance equivalent to more than twice around the globe. Sharing a tent with black widow spiders and scorpions and being held at gun point in Peru, he says life on the road has been thrilling and eye-opening.

Fabes has so far cycled across six continents – Europe, Africa (via the Middle East), South America, Central and North America, Australia and Asia, which was the inspiration for the name of his travel blog, Cycling the 6, which shares stories of his encounters.

Despite loving his friends, job and life in London, Dr Fabes craved the open road, and made the decision to embark on the globetrotting mission over a pint in his local pub. Dr Fabes told MailOnline Travel: ‘I was thirsty for an adventure I guess, and a new challenge. I was also looking forward to simplifying my life for a time – few possessions, little money, no deadlines or schedules. I wanted to see, experience and learn about the world in an intimate way, and the bicycle allows that.’



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