Terror as Cruise Ship Hit by 150MPH Winds

Travelers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship are furious after the ship knowingly sailed into a massive nor’eater off the coast of South Carolina. As the storm threatens to put the Anthem of the Seas back through a night of stomach-churning swells, Royal Caribbean has decided to turn the ship around and go back to Newark, New Jersey. Passengers were forced to endure a ‘horrendous’ night of rocking as the ship made its way through the storm with hurricane-force winds. The Anthem of the Seas ship experienced ‘extreme wind and sea conditions’ that were ‘not expected’, according to Royal Caribbean. Winds of up to 150mph rocked the ship nauseatingly back and forth off the coast of South Carolina. Passengers were told to stay in their rooms starting around 3pm yesterday as furniture slammed about the ship’s main halls. No serious injuries were reported, but passengers took to social media to post pictures of toppled furniture, broken glass, overturned decorations and collapsed ceilings. The ship is carrying 4,529 passengers and 1,616 crew, according to a spokeswoman.

cruise ship


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