Hack to Ensure Piping Hot McDonalds Fries

No-one likes receiving a lukewarm portion of fries but often you don’t have a choice when you visit a fast food chain, until now. This simple and easy hack will ensure you never have cold fries again; all you have to do is ask for a portion WITHOUT salt. But, be aware that this simple question is the worst thing you could possibly ask an employee of the global fast food giant. So, before you begin requesting fries without salt, you should consult your conscious and ask yourself do you really need piping crispy delights?




  1. hhhmm – salt or not salted – hot or not hot. These are great questions because there is nothing like waiting in a drive thru for what seems like a lifetime anticipating a wonderful hot fry and then to reach into the bag with gross cold ones. Shivers. Even I don’t like cold ones. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Bacon – I too would have to way this one up. Making a new batch would take forever at McDonalds, then to have to ask for salt after all that. It is a toss up for sure, those cold fries are just damn nasty!

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