New Lamborghini ‘Huracan Spyder’’s Ollie Kew had the opportunity to head to the US to sample the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder in suitably sunny Miami Beach, Florida. His first impression of the Italian automaker’s raucous roadster? “Cutting the roof off the Huracán hasn’t turned it into a wobbling nervous wreck, and it’s taken the car’s best asset – a stage for one of today’s truly great engines to shine on – and turned up the volume.”

“Yes, it ‘only’ has 602bhp,” writes Kew, “putting it way down on the Ferrari and McLaren rivals, but 0-62mph in 3.4sec, 100mph in 10.2sec and 201mph is hardly slow, is it?”

“This car makes you awfully conspicuous,” he writes, “and I’ve no doubt that exact fact is responsible for a good portion of its sales. Please be aware that away from Florida, reactions may vary.”



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