Clean your Lungs in 3 Days

Smoking, second hand smoke, and air pollution are all common causes for lung problems. Genetics also plays a role in whether serious problems will develop from exposures to these elements. Everyone should be interested in a lung cleanse due to the dirty air pollution that exists in our environment. This isn’t a several week long endeavor either. It actually only takes a few days.


First there are some things to eliminate from your diet before starting the cleanse. Dairy creates mucous and you want to eliminate that first. The cleanse will be useless if it has to deal with mucous from dairy.

Day one will have you drinking herbal tea before bed as to get rid of toxins in the intestines which cause constipation. You want ease the lung workload as much as possible. You don’t want to force the body to focus on another part, thus not allowing it to focus on purifying the lungs.

Next you’ll want to squeeze a couple of lemons in a cup of water and drink it down before eating in the morning. Either grapefruit juice or pineapple should also be consumed (300 ml) as they contain natural antioxidants which have effects on the ease of breath.

Another drink is carrot juice (300 ml), which is to be taken in between your breakfast and lunch and causes alkalizing to take place in your blood which is important to fight disease.

Potassium rich juices should be had during lunch (400 ml), and at bedtime, cranberry juice should be consumed to top off the cleansing actions.

A hot bath, sauna or steam at the end of the day helps greatly to sweat out much of the toxins. Also, Eucalyptus drops in a bowl of hot water are great for inhaling. Place a towel over your head for best result and you should have a feeling of clarity come over you.

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