Proof that Jesus Existed

Perhaps the most revolutionary of their kind in Christian history, a series of recent archaeological discoveries are believed to not only prove that Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible existed, but that His life and death as portrayed in the scriptures happened exactly as described.

Atheists, Muslims, and anti-Christians are squirming to disprove the most critical passages in the New Testament; however, the discoveries are being exhumed at an alarming rate. Biblical scholar and author Robert Hutchinson has compiled the most recent archaeological findings regarding Jesus Christ into his new book and the conclusions are nothing short of historically phenomenal.

The ossuary of James and Caiaphas are major discoveries towards physical proof that Jesus existed. Perhaps the most vital discovery proving the existence of the Son of God is the ossuaries of James and Caiaphas, two of twelve bone boxes uncovered in a burial cave in Jerusalem. The first contains the remains of the man who many believe to be Jesus’ brother James. Of course, the second belongs to the biblical Caiaphas, the ancient high priest and bitter Sadducee enemy of Jesus.

“They are discovering archaeological proof, if it is authentic, then it is the first archaeological proof for Jesus. That’s just really, really exciting that they are coming up with the burial boxes of people mentioned in the New Testament,” Hutchinson said.




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