George Zimmerman Provokes Fury for Posting Pic of Trayvon Martin’s Body

George Zimmerman has sparked fury on Twitter yet again after retweeting a picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body. A fan had posted the shocking image on the social network alongside a message to Zimmerman saying: ‘Z-Man is a one man army.’ Zimmerman then retweeted the image to more than 10,000 followers on his account, which he often uses to troll people online. It is unclear if Zimmerman or the original poster deleted the image or if it was removed by Twitter. It led to Twitter users hurling abuse at Zimmerman, who was branded a ‘miserable excuse for a human being.’ One told him: ‘You’re a disgusting human being. I know I shouldn’t ever say that, but look at you. All proud for killing a kid.’ Another added: ‘One day someone will tweet the lifeless body of @TherealGeorgeZ and karma will be had.’

The 31-year-old was acquitted of murder charges after the fatal shooting of Martin in 2012.


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