Three Foreigners Kidnapped at Luxury Resort

Gunmen have kidnapped two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian employee and a Filipina from a luxury resort island in the conflict-racked southern Philippines, police said Tuesday. The suspects sailed two motorboats into a marina on Samal island and seized the four from aboard yachts just before midnight on Monday, said Superintendent Antonio Rivera, a local police spokesman. Law enforcement boats and helicopters were scouring the waters around the island on Tuesday to try to stop the kidnappers from leaving the area, according to Rivera.

A police report identified the Canadian tourists as John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50. The Norwegian, who was working at the marina, was identified as Kjartan Sekkinstad, 56. The 40-year-old Filipina, identified only as Tess, was a companion of one of the foreign tourists, Rivera said. A Japanese couple was nearly abducted but they fought back, he said. A woman working at the Holiday Ocean View resort, which operates the marina, confirmed the incident to AFP but declined to comment further.


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