Famous Free Diver Missing During Dive

Russian born Natalie Molchanova, the world’s most decorated free diver went missing on Sunday during a recreational dive off the coast of Formentera, a small Spanish island near Ibiza. Free diving is a form of diving where divers do not use any apparatus, instead relying on their own breath. According to AIDA International, the international federation of free diving, free diving is not only a relaxing leisure activity but also a fiercely competitive sport. According to a joint statement issued by her family and AIDA International, 53 year old Natalia may have been exposed to strong underwater currents while diving that caused her to become separated from her friends.



  1. Oh no! I’ve seen this activity on my television. It’s amazing how long they can hold their breath and dive. I hope they find her safe soon XOXO – Bacon

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