Use an App for Diagnosis instead of a Doctor

A new app, currently being developed by a team of Australian researchers, will enable you to simply cough into a smartphone to determine what illness you have. Around the world, a cough is one of the most common reasons why we seek medical attention, especially when it comes to our children. A cough can often be caused by asthma, pneumonia and other serious respiratory illnesses.  As a direct result of this, the team from the University of Queensland have decided to develop a smartphone app, known as ResApp, that doctors can use to quickly and cheaply diagnose common respiratory illnesses. By doing so, the team hopes to ease the strain on healthcare systems, the university’s website explains.

The app, known as ResApp, utilises an automated algorithm (formula) to determine what illness you may be suffering from. 9 to 5 Mac explains that it identifies the unique “sound signature” of a number of different coughs. The patient can cough into a microphone up to 2 metres away from the app. ResApp can also determine the severity of the illness and was shown to be 90% accurate during a proof of concept test, The Australian explains. Tony Keating, CEO and Managing Director for ResApp adds that the product had a 96% accuracy rate when testing for pneumonia and 90% when testing for asthma:


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