Reddit Set to Cull Certain Communities

Reddit’s new chief executive has confirmed he plans to take fresh action against parts of the site containing offensive and obscene content. Steve Huffman said that he had not created the news comment platform “to be a bastion of free speech, but rather as a place where open and honest discussion can happen”. He promised to provide further details on Thursday. One expert said the plan would probably enrage many of the site’s users. Last week, Reddit’s previous chief executive, Ellen Pao, resigned after an online petition calling for her dismissal attracted more than 213,000 signatures. The petition had accused Ms Pao of leading the site into a “new age of censorship” after five “subreddit communities” run by volunteers had been banned for failing to tackle the “harassment of individuals”.

Reddit attracted more than 163 million visitors last month, according to its own figures, making it one of the net’s most popular destinations. Several members said they now intended to switch to Voat – a rival site that promises to “not meddle and not censor content” unless it is illegal


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