‘Collective Soul’ Announces Release of New Single

Georgia based band ‘Collective Soul’ were popular during the ’90s with songs like Shine and The World I Know. They have now announced the release of their new album See What you Started by Continuing on Oct.2nd by Vanguard Records. This is the bands 9th album and their first in six years.  The lead single This off this new album premiered today.  “It’s the only song I’ve ever written in a cab,” says Roland, who had the riff but no melodic or lyrical direction — until he had to catch an early-morning flight to go on tour and his wife started teasing him. “She was like, ‘Hey, you want some of this?’ And I was like, ‘Sweetie, I’ve got to go; you can’t do that!’ But every few minutes another body part would poke out of the bed — ‘Hey, some of this?’ “I got in the cab and thought, ‘That was kind of fun. I’m going to write about that: How can I leave you in a moment like this?’ But I did!”


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