Woman Bites into Maggot Filled Pop Tart

Winn-Dixie has instructed its stores to pull low-fat, strawberry Pop-Tarts off its shelves after a Brevard County woman said her daughter found maggots inside the packaging. Jessica Newsome said she bought three boxes and found maggots living inside one.

She said it was Sunday morning when her 9-year-old daughter took a few bites from the first package, before noticing the maggots. “She screamed, she said, ‘Mommy, daddy, there’s something living in my Pop-Tart and it crawled in my mouth!'” Newsome said. With a marked expiration date of Oct. 3, 2015, the Pop-Tarts should be good for another three months. “They’re literally living inside the filling and living inside the crust, where they were coming out of the crust. So, the question is where are maggots coming from? It had to come from the factory,” said Newsome. A statement from Kellogg’s said they “believe this is an isolated incident that occurred after the product left our control.” Winn Dixie said it’s working with Kellogg’s to understand the source of the issue, and it has “removed the product from sale” until it can be certain it’s safe to eat.


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