Crocodile Attacks Tourist, Australia

A woman was attacked by a crocodile during a lunchtime swim on Friday in a rockpool with a tour group near Prince Regent river in Kimberley, Western Australia. The woman, an Australian tourist, was about a week into a 13-day cruise of the 100km river, which is more than 2,000km from Perth in the remote Prince Regent river national park. There is no road access; the area can be reached only by boat or helicopter. The government website for the national park warns: “Saltwater crocodiles are huge and abundant.” Jill Moffitt, from Kimberley Discovery Cruises, told Guardian Australia the rockpool was considered a safe swimming spot by most tour groups and it was a “total surprise” for a crocodile to be that far from the river. “They were at a rock pool which is well above the water line, a place where a lot of tours take their passengers for a dip, not a place where you would expect to find a crocodile,” Moffitt said. “The group were having a dip and this lady was attacked. But she is OK, she is not in a life-threatening condition, and she was able to walk and talk.” Moffitt said the woman was receiving medical attention, because, “it’s pretty traumatic to have a crocodile have a go at you”, but she did not appear to be very seriously injured.


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