Mexicans Buying up Donald Trump Pinata’s to Bash

Days after billionaire Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals to live in the United States, a Mexican artisan has given angry Mexicans an outlet– a Trump pinata they can stuff with candy and beat with a stick.  In the Mexican border city of Reynosa, Dalton Ramirez works at his family’s pinata shop where they create a variety of paper mache figures to be filled with treats and broken open with sticks on birthdays and holidays.  Sporting a flange of blonde hair and a big mouth, the Trump pinatas – containers traditionally filled with sweets that are battered open at parties – were proving a hit, said their maker, Dalton Ramirez.

‘This pinata especially is the one everyone wants to break,’ he said in the northern border city of Reynosa. Few presidents of Mexico have managed to unite the country in the way Donald Trump did after he launched his U.S. presidential bid last week with a string of broadsides against America’s southern neighbor.  ‘Imbecile’, ‘racist’, ‘absurd’ and ‘ignorant’ were some of the less vulgar words used by prominent Mexicans about Trump after the flamboyant real estate magnate described migrants from Mexico to the United States as drug-runners and rapists. Trump’s provocative comments, including a pledge to build a ‘great wall’ on the U.S. southern border paid for by Mexico, were the latest in a series of swipes against a country where he has become more famous for controversies than boardroom success.


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