Family Finds their Worst Nightmare in Hotel Sheets

A Louisville, Kentucky, family’s vacation at a resort in Florida close to Walt Disney World turned into a “nightmare” when they realized their room was infested with bedbugs. Christina Streble told WKMG-TV her family was staying at the Oak Plantation Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, when they started noticing bites showing up on their skin, initially assuming they were from mosquitoes. When more started popping up over the next few days, they pulled back the sheets. There they saw the watermelon seed-sized bugs that feed off human blood and are notoriously hard to get rid of. “We counted 266 bites on my oldest daughter and 125 bites on my middle child,” Streble told the news station. “They were red and inflamed.” The family cut their vacation short and headed home where Streble told WESH-TV a doctor said it “was the worst case of bedbugs that he had ever seen.” “This has been a nightmare,” the mother added.


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