After 2 Year Search, Hidden Face on Cliff Found by Explorer

After two years of searching for a rumored face located on the side of a cliff, a Canadian man has finally hit the jackpot. Hank Gus, an aboriginal and member of the Tseshaht First Nation, heard about the face from someone who first learned about it after hearing a kayaker describe it in 2008, and decided to set out and look for himself. It was found on the Reeks Island, part of the Broken Group Islands located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia. Now, the question is whether this is a man-made wonder or just the result of Mother Nature.

The face, which is roughly 7-feet-tall, is hidden in a cliff on one of the islands, blocked by trees and very difficult to find unless the exact coordinates are known ahead of time. It is also remarkably similar to a Tseshaht carving, one in fact that is found on the door to their administration office.  ‘The Tseshaht has lived in area for thousands of years, so we working with the First Nations to find out if there are any oral histories the face could link back to,’ explained Payne. ‘Mother Nature is capable of creating all sorts of amazing things, though the face is very striking. But we still can’t definitively say if the face is man-made or not.’


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