Large Python Dies after Eating a Prickly Meal

A 3.9m African Rock Python died after eating a large porcupine in the Lake Eland nature reserve in southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The engorged snake was spotted by cyclists and hikers on a trail last week, lying lethargically in the open after its prickly meal. Reserve manager Shona Lawson said their guests had photographed the snake. “They sent pictures to our Facebook page and the snake ended up becoming quite a celebrity. On Tuesday last week we went out on the cycle track on foot and managed to find the snake again. It looked to be quite a lot smaller than the pictures. At first we thought it could have been a young impala and a warthog that it had eaten,” she said. “In 24 hours it had moved about 90 degrees and it was breathing at the time – you could see the body moving above the bulge,” she said. She said that several days later, some of their guests reported that the snake had died. “This weekend our reserve manager received a call to say the snake had died and wasn’t in the same position. Our reserve manager went and collected the snake and they did a dissection. They discovered it had eaten a really large porcupine. They made the horrible discovery of the quills,” she said.


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