Biggest Great White Ever Caught on Film

New footage has been released of one of the largest great white sharks ever caught on film, an enormous, more-than-20-foot-long creature named Deep Blue. The massive predator was first featured in August by the Discovery Channel in a documentary when researchers tagged the gigantic fish.

The shark, believed to be at least 50 years old, is seen in the video swimming around a roofless cage near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. One diver in the cage is seen getting dangerously close to the massive, then-heavily pregnant fish and touching one of its fins. In addition to her massive size, the shark is recognizable by her many scars. In the documentary, the narrator explains that large, vertical slashes on Deep Blue’s left flank could be the result of fights with sharks or mating. The fish has a large, gaping hole on her right trunk and her dorsal fin and tail appear to be scraped and damaged.

deep blue


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