Dangerous Prisoners Escape from Max Security Prison

Using power tools to tunnel a path out,Richard Matt and accomplice David Sweat, 34, broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, even finding the time to leave a note for prison guards reading ‘have a nice day’.

Matt and Sweat arranged objects in their beds to make it look ‘like people were sleeping … with these sweatshirt hoodies on,’ Cuomo said. The pair had cells next to each other and had acquired power tools, which they used to cut through the steel walls of their cells, authorities said. They then followed a catwalk ‘down an elaborate maze of pipes into tunnels and exited a series of tunnels at the manhole cover,’ the governor said.  ‘It was elaborate, it was sophisticated,’ he added. ‘It involved drilling through steel walls, steel pipes.’ Authorities are unsure as to how the men got the power tools used in the escape, but because the the 170-year-old correctional facility undergoes regular maintenance, the tools could have been taken from contractors or workmen who are often inside the building, Cuomo said.


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