Blazer Admits to Taking Bride for South Africa to Host 2010 Soccer World Cup

Ailing former FIFA official Chuck Blazer admits that he and others accepted bribes before the votes that gave the 1998 World Cup to France and the 2010 World Cup to South Africa, according to newly unsealed US court documents. A former FIFA executive committee member, Blazer confessed to taking bribes in connection with the votes on the two World Cup hosts, according to a transcript released Wednesday of his November 2013 plea hearing in a closed Brooklyn federal courtroom. His guilty plea was kept secret until May 27, apparently allowing him to testify before a US grand jury against some of the nine FIFA officials and five others indicted last week in the United States in an investigation of bribery and corruption in the world football organization.

Meanwhile, six other officials were put on the Interpol wanted list for racketeering conspiracy and corruption. Seven FIFA officials were arrested last week in Zurich on the US indictments, pending extradition proceedings, as the New York-based corruption investigation became public. Swiss authorities are investigating the World Cup host elections for 2018 and 2022 in a separate probe.

Chuck Blazer
Chuck Blazer

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