Car Stolen with Loved Dachshunds Inside

A man is ­desperately trying to find his two ­miniature Dachshund dogs, after they were stolen with his vehicle from Roberts Road, Pietermaritzberg, South Africa. Devan Naidoo was visiting a friend in the area when he heard the distinct noise of his vehicle starting up and driving away. “I just got home from work and the dogs were excited to see me. They always like jumping in the car before me and going for a ride. They always sat in the front seat, so I took them and left them in the car with the windows open when I stopped, because I was only going to be gone for 10 minutes,” he said.

Naidoo said he had only been parked for five minutes when he heard the vehicle drive away. “My car makes a distinct screech when I drive it so I knew it was being taken. ”He ran outside only to see the car disappearing with his two beloved dogs inside. “We got into another car and drove in the direction I saw the vehicle moving,” he said. Naidoo placed posters in the area they suspect the dogs to have been taken to and even searched the area himself, thinking the thieves who took the vehicle might have thrown the dogs out.


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