Tips by the Really Old on How to Live to be Really Old

The best piece of advice: BE A WOMAN.

The ten oldest people ever to have lived were all female, and the list of the 100 verified oldest people contains only a handful of men. Location-wise, the United States is the place to be for being super old, with a staggering 51 of the Top 100 hailing from the US, while Japan also sees its fair share of supercentenarians.

Jeanne Calment, oldest human ever to have lived, born 1875, died 1997 aged 122 years and 164 days in France Said to have enjoyed ‘an occasional glass of Port wine and a diet rich in olive oil’.
Sarah Knauss, second oldest human to have lived, born 1880, died 1999 aged 119 years and 97 days in the US. Didn’t divulge a secret, but her passions were said to be watching golf on television, doing needlepoint, and nibbling on milk chocolate turtles, cashews, and potato chips.


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