Girl Cuts Up her Boyfriends Ex-Girlfriend’s Corpse at Funeral

Shaynna Lauren Sims, a woman from Oklahoma went along to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s funeral. And got weird.

According to Oklahoma news, she cut the dead girl’s hair, stole her shoes, smeared her make up, and sliced her face open. When the deceased’s family and friends saw her with her hands in the casket, they called the police, who arrested Sims for illegal dissection of a human body after they saw that the corpse had been sliced open from the hairline to the tip of her nose. When police apprehended her, Sims had scissors, a boxcutter knife and bits of make up. She is currently held on $10,000 bail for this incident, with a further $10,000 bail for a previous charge of assault and battery. In February, she was charged with child neglect, too.


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