Bob Marley’s Land Rover Restored

When people ask where I live and I say Jamaica, it’s almost a given that someone will then randomly say “ah, Bob Marley” in response. It can grate that one man can define an entire country, but this man was that most rare of individuals, an icon, the man who introduced reggae to the world and who drove an equally iconic vehicle, a Series III Land Rover. Since his death in 1981, his truck, unlike his reputation, faded away, and for years stood neglected in the car park at 56 Hope Road, Marley’s uptown Kingston home that became a museum dedicated to his life and music. Land Rovers are tough and can last many lifetimes over, but the four-by-fours made in Solihull, England, were in the past renowned for their inconsistent panel work, resulting in chassis and bulkhead rot.   So to celebrate what would have been Marley’s 70th birthday, Sandals International Resorts, which operates Jamaica’s Land Rover dealership, worked with the Marley family to restore the classic truck.


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