26 Years to Make this Doll House

A proud pensioner has spent 26 years creating the ultimate life-like dolls house. Leonard Martin constructed the intricate house from scratch as a way to fill his time. But he soon became hooked and started to make it as real looking as possible, spending £6,000 on the masterpiece. Now, the 6ft-long labour of love has six lavish rooms complete with cavity walls, marble and wood floors, soft furnishings and one-of-a-kind artwork. The 70-year-old said: “It is unbelievable, if I even say so myself.” Ceilings are painted plaster, which have been gilded with 24ct gold leaf, while the chandeliers feature £100 worth of Swarovski crystals. Each wooden floorboard is individually laid and French polished and each room is delicately illuminated by tiny electric lights and glowing fireplaces. Leonard, from Dorset, added: “I made everything in it. The carpets are made by my late brother who lived in Malta. “The biggest he made was around 197,700 stitches, all made with a needle and silk, it took him 18 months, he was unbelievable. “I had a famous artist paint seven mini pictures for me which went in the house. “I individually cut out 5,000 bricks to put on the front and I made all the furniture from scratch.


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