Woman Pulls Out her Own Twins During C-Section

She’s the Australian woman who reached inside herself and delivered her own twins during a caesarean section. Three days before Christmas, Gerri Wolfe, 41, gave birth to her 10th and 11th children, Matilda and Violet, in a very unusual procedure at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. It was to be Mrs Wolfe’s fifth experience having a caesarean – but she didn’t want a traditional one. It is a typical caesarean, performed by doctors, with the only difference being the mother reaches into her belly and lifts the infant out at the end.

She laid down. The first set of gloves were taken off – leaving a second pair on – and she was under strict instructions not to move her arms from her chest.

‘I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. I wasn’t allowed to move. Wasn’t allowed to do anything until they had told me to.

‘That way, I was completely sterile – I wasn’t supposed to touch anything.

‘Then (after a while) he leaned over to me and went, “are you ready to meet these babies?”

‘I went “oh my god!… Okay, really!”‘

‘It was just like a normal Caesarean from then until he said, “reach down and grab your babies”.

‘I just brought her (Matilda) up to my chest and I held her in my left arm.

‘And then a minute later he said, “come and get the other one”


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