Teen Forbidden Love Crime Spree

Cheyenne Philips, 13, and her older boyfriend, Dalton Hayes, 18, were last seen at Hayes’ home in Grayson County, Kentucky on January 4 and have been on the run ever since. More than a week later, on Sunday 12, they allegedly stole a truck from a couple’s home in Clarkson, Kentucky before driving through a cattle farm and abandoning the damaged vehicle. The following day, they were spotted on surveillance footage walking around a Walmart in Manning, South Carolina and driving yet another stolen pickup. By Wednesday, that pickup truck was found dumped in Henry County, Georgia and another nearby vehicle – a silver 2001 Toyota Tundra – was reported stolen. To get from Kentucky to South Carolina and then to Georgia, the couple likely also drove through Tennessee and North Carolina, bringing their crime spree to five states.

Authorities have not offered a motive for the spree, but NBC reported that Hayes was a suspect in other robberies, while his mother said they fled after she confronted Phillips about her age. On January 4, Phillips’ father reported the girl missing after she spent the night of January 3 at Hayes’ home. Police contacted Hayes’ mother, Tammy Martin, who said she thought her son’s girlfriend was 19 – not a seventh-grader. She said that the couple had been together for three months and her son did not know the girl’s real age either.


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