2 Woman in Critical Condition after Deoderant Explodes in Car

Two women are fighting for their lives after their car exploded “like a bomb” when a cigarette ignited a can of deodorant. The pair, aged 19 and 21, suffered massive burns as the blast blew out the Corsa’s windows and both doors. They were going to a disco and used the spray to freshen up while one smoked. Police said: “The result was catastrophic.”They believe a build-up of petrol fumes in the old car intensified the blast, in the small West German town of Soest, east of Dortmund. Officers said the two friends were on their way to a disco and decided to ‘freshen up’ with a quick squirt of deodorant. A police spokesman said: “One of them lit a cigarette as the other was spraying.” The blast ripped out the windscreen, all windows, blew off both doors, buckled the chassis frame and even hurled the spare tire in the trunk 20 yards down the street.


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