Alex from Target a Fake?

A Los Angeles marketing firm is calling Alex from Target a fake. And they say they’re responsible. Breakr, a company dedicated to ‘connecting fans to their fandom’ announced Tuesday that they’d orchestrated the meme’s massive viral popularity. The news was a sharp blow to many teenage Alex from Target lovers, but do they truly have a reason to be upset?

Breakr CEO Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares wrote in a LinkedIn post about his company’s involvement: ‘Yesterday, we had fun on Twitter with the hashtag #AlexFromTarget which ended up to be one of the most amazing social media experiments ever,’ he wrote Monday. ‘We wanted to see how powerful the fangirl demographic was.’ The result was one of the most popular, overnight viral memes ever. On Monday alone, Alex from Target was tweeted about some 1 million times. Alex turned out to be a random, handsome Texas teenage Target employee named Alex Laboeuf.   By Tuesday, Laboeuf’s Twitter followers numbered around 500,000 and his good fortune continues to pour forth. Ellen Degeneres tweeted a photo of herself along with Alex and the hashtag #AlexFromTargetAtTargetWithEllen.  In addition to internet stardom, it appears Alex may have won himself a spot on a holiday Target commercial.


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