Mom Demands Toys R Us Drop ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figures

A Florida mom is demanding Toys ‘R Us pull “Breaking Bad” action figures that come complete with a toy bag of crystal meth from sale because she says they glorify drug use. Susan Schrivjer, from Fort Myers, claims the plastic figurines of the show’s anti-hero Walter White and junkie partner Jesse Pinkman “aren’t suitable” for children. And she’s now launched a petition calling for the store to remove the dolls from its racks and website.

“I was very shocked and appalled,” she told the Today show about how she felt when she stumbled across the figurines — that also come with gas masks and a duffel bag of cash. “Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing,” she added. “I just think that they need to look at their visions and values, as they call them.”

Her petition — titled “Remove Breaking Bad dolls from their shelves” — has so far gained 1,915 signatures.


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