Lady Gaga’s Bizarre Show Demands

Lady Gaga requested 1000 candles for a recent gig.  The Pokerface singer made the bizarre demand prior to her concert at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, central England, on Wednesday where she requested her backstage area be dressed with the decorations and adorned in white drapes to “calm her down” before her performance.  The drapes and 1000 candles are reported to be a staple at every Gaga show as the singer – who has been on her The Artpop Ball tour for nearly half a year – likes making herself feel at home. A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Gaga has been on the road for around six months, so she knows what to do to make herself at home. Hanging white drapes and scattering candles everywhere calms her down and comforts her before she goes on stage, so she makes sure tons are there before she arrives.” The 28-year-old star even requests screens be put up in her dressing room so that her pet dog Asia can watch her in action. The source added: “She insists her dog, Asia, comes to her dressing room. Asia watched the show on screens.”

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