Fan with New England Patriots Helmet Tattoo on his Head Arrested

According to The Smoking Gun, “A football fan with a Tom Brady helmet tattooed across his head is locked up in a Florida jail following his arrest on a narcotics charge. St. Petersburg cops last month busted Victor Thompson, 46, for possession of Spice, the synthetic marijuana.”

You might think that the craziest part of Mr. Thompson’s full head tattoo is that it’s a full head tattoo. You might also find the Lombardi trophy and random player signatures to be quite strange as well. However, the most ridiculous part of this tattoo is by far the “Riddell” branding on his forehead. I’m not one to judge another football fan’s devotion to his team. For some people football is their God and there’s only a few months for them to “go to church” each year. Hell, I even admire Victor Thompson’s dedication to the team he loves so much. But unless Riddell paid him money for the free endorsement, branding your head with a football helmet manufacturer is taking things too far. Nothing in this life is free and that includes corporate sponsorship inked on your face.


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