Adventurer Attempting to run across Ocean in Inflatable Bubble

A man in an inflatable bubble was rescued by the coast guard 70 nautical miles East of St. Augustine on Saturday morning in a bizarre attempt to run to Bermuda from Florida. Reza Baluchi was found in an inflatable hydro bubble on Wednesday, but waved coast guard officers off, saying he was determined to make the 1,033-mile journey himself. But three days later he was too exhausted to carry on – so had to be rescued.

When rescuers first discovered him on Wednesday, he was disoriented and asking for directions to Bermuda. His bubble contraption was filled with protein bars and bottled water – though he had claimed before leaving he would mostly survive by fishing. The Coast Guard were worried straight away by Baluchi’s state of exhaustion and lack of supplies, so asked him to end his mission. He refused, so they continued to monitor him until he activated his Personal Locating Beacon on Saturday morning. When the call came, an HC-130 airplane and a MH-60 helicopter were dispatched to his rescue along with a rescue ship. Once all of the aircrew arrived, a rescue swimmer got Baluchi from his inflatable raft and into a helicopter where he was later evaluated by medical crews.

He was not injured.

According to Baluchi’s website, he was on a mission to travel from Florida to Bermuda to prove that the Bermuda Triangle is not dangerous.


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