Pregnant Woman Falls out of Moving Ambulance

Two drivers were suspended after a woman in labour fell out of their moving ambulance in Ntabankulu, South Africa. “The patient sustained injuries and delivered a lifeless baby,” spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said. “We have suspended two ambulance drivers for putting the lives of patients at risk and flouting protocol.” The two crew members left the patient unattended in the back of the ambulance while they sat in the front.

“The rear door of the ambulance opened, resulting in the patient falling off and they did not even see that occurrence. They only realised when they got to hospital that the patient was missing.” A motorist picked the woman up and rushed her to hospital. “We are taking appropriate action against the two officials. They acted negligently by leaving the patient unattended, hence the suspension.” Kupelo said the provincial government would put tracking systems in ambulances to minimise the risk of abuse of vehicles and to monitor services.


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