Girl,4, Dead After Contracting e-coli from Turkey Sandwich

A family fears two small children contracted E. coli from a turkey sandwich dinner, leaving a 4-year-old Oregon girl dead and a 5-year-old Washington boy clinging to life at a Tacoma children’s hospital. Sweet, smiley Serena Faith Profitt was taken off life support Monday, just days after a Labor Day weekend gathering of family and friends in Lincoln City along the Oregon coast. Her pal, Brad Sutton, is at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital stricken with a kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome, caused by E. coli infection.

Both kids became sick, with severe abdominal cramping, fevers and bloody diarrhea, two days after splitting a turkey sandwich for dinner. No one else ate turkey, and no one else got sick, “It’s absolutely horrible,” she told the newspaper. “My brother and I grew up with Serena’s parents. Our kids have grown up together. We’ve known them our whole lives.” Little Serena’s parents took the girl to the Lincoln City hospital Wednesday, but she was sent home. But by Saturday, the girl was not improving and was brought to a hospital in McMinnville, Ore., where she suffered kidney failure. By the time she was rushed to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, she was improving until she suffered a stroke and had brain damage. She was pronounced brain dead early Monday and taken off life support that evening.


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