French Beach Bans Selfies

The Garoupe, a picturesque and rather exclusive seaside spot in the south of France, has decided to crack down on beachgoers who feel the need to share their hotdog legs, selfies and sandy feet on social media, causing widespread envy among their hardworking counterparts. The beach, they will be working with the mobile network, Three to set up ‘No Braggies Zones’ on two sections of Garoupe.

According to a spokesperson for the beach (beaches have spokespeople?!) they want people to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the experience of getting to laze on one of the most exclusive beaches in the world, instead of being absorbed in their cell phones and social networks. The ban will be taken very seriously and enforced by ‘Holiday Spam Police,’ who will be patrolling the No Braggies Zones on constant alert for sneaky pics being taken.

garoupe beach


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