Home-Schooled Texas Teen Accused of Killing Parents

A “sheltered” teenage boy reportedly shot and killed his parents inside their picturesque Texas home, cops said. Ryan and Maria Callens — who strictly monitored their child’s Internet habits and refused to let him watch violent movies — were found dead by Frisco police on Monday, WFAA reports. Responding to a call of shots fired, the cops arrived at the grisly scene at around 2 a.m. to find the teen and his older sister standing outside the home, a Collin County court officer said during a hearing on Tuesday. The suspect was kneeling on the ground with his face in his hands, while the distraught sister frantically tried to dial someone on her phone, NBC-DFW reports. A police officer reportedly overhead a chilling conversation between the siblings. “What do you mean you did it?” the sister asked the suspect. “I did it,” the boy said. “Was this your plan?” the sister replied, receiving no response from her brother. The girl then told officers that there was a gun in the house, as the boy gestured. Officers found a rifle on the floor of the house. A flashlight had been taped to it.


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