Man Lures Squirrel, Kicks it off Grand Canyon

A man has been caught on camera kicking a tiny squirrel off the edge of the Grand Canyon. The cruel clip sees two men, believed to be French, in boxer shorts and straw hats on the canyon, one appearing to be laying out treats for a squirrel running around his feet. The man lays out a trail towards the canyon, goes to put on his shoe, and as the fluffy rodent gets close to the edge to get its paws on the treats, he kicks it off the cliff. The 15-second video was uploaded to YouTube by a user claiming he was only just a witness and had no part in the evil joke. ‘I did not realize what was happening until it was too late,’ Jonthan Hildebrand wrote in his defence. ‘I do not know who they are. All I know is that they were French.’


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