These photographs show a world record holder in training – a man who can hold his breath underwater for 22 minutes. Stig Severinsen – nicknamed The Man Who Doesn’t Breathe – is the holder of multiple records in diving using his ‘State of Zen’ technique to control his breathing. In October 2012, Mr Severinsen broke the record for the longest time breath held voluntarily by a male by spending 22 minutes with his head submerged in a pool in London.He also holds the record for the longest underwater swim, travelling 500ft (152m 40cm) in just two minutes and 11 seconds.

The 41-year-old from Aalborg said: ‘After holding my breath for 22 minutes I actually feel quite ok. ‘The most stressful time is usually before the dive but then I get into my zone. ‘I’ve always loved water – from splashing around as a baby to trying to grab as many rubber animals in a single breath.’


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