Tofu Lover Has Licence Plate ‘ILVTOFU’ Denied – Too Vulgar

A vegan PETA employee loves tofu so much she wanted to write ‘I love Tofu’ as ‘ILVTOFO’ on her license plate but was denied by the state of Tennessee because they thought the plate was ‘too vulgar.’Whitney Calk has dedicated a lot of her time to living the vegan lifestyle and even works for PETA as an assistant manager for youth marketing. When she moved from Virginia to Murfreesboro, Tennessee and tried to change her license plate, officials feared her message ‘ILVTOFU’ might be misinterpreted as meaning ‘I love to f%*k.’

‘All I’m trying to do is spread a pro-vegan message with my license plate,’ said Whitney Calk to WKRN-TV. ‘It just seemed logical to change my license plate to something I believed in,’ she continued. When Calk called to ask the state why she’d been denied they told her message could be read as vulgar and that she wasn’t the first person to be denied that specific license plate. People in Florida, Virginia, and Colorado have also been denied the license plate with the same wording.

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