Tourists Forced to Stay Overnight on Stuck Whale Watching Boat

A group of whale watchers expecting just a three-hour tour were forced to spend a long night at sea after their boat became snagged by a lobster trap rope off Massachusetts. The 157 passengers and six crew members became trapped 15 miles of the coast of Salem, near Boston, on Monday evening after one of the vessel’s propellers got caught. Divers eventually cut the Boston Harbor Cruises boat free early on Tuesday and it was undergoing a final inspection before heading back to shore for 7.30am, the Coast Guard said.

Ken Maguire, one of the passengers on the boat, said about 10 minutes into the return trip on Monday, the boat stopped after apparently hitting something. The Coast Guard determined that the propeller had become caught on a lobster trap, but initial attempts to cut it free were unsuccessful.


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