iPhone Lost in Oklahoma Found in Japan 9 Months Later

Farmer Kevin Whitney said his phone fell into his grain pit in Chickasha, Oklahoma. ‘I had it in my pocket and I bent over to work on a copper bottom door and it fell out of my pocket into my grain pit and went up the elevator,’ he said. ‘I thought “I’ll never see that phone again,”‘ Whitney also said. KFOR reports that Whitney’s phone – which was hidden inside ‘a bin full of 280,000 pounds of grain’ –  then went to a Oklahoma grain facility, went through both the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers, hit Louisiana then was transported to Japan.

Whitney told the affiliate station he recently received a phone call that his phone was recovered. ‘The man on the other end said, “Is this Kevin Whitney?” I said “Yeah, this is Kevin.” He said, “Did you lose a cell phone?” I said “Yeah, I lost a cell phone last fall.”‘ Whitney’s phone was returned by a Japanese grain mill worker, the station reported.  ‘It’s crazy; I can’t believe it,’ Whitney told of the phone’s recovery. ‘What really shocked me about it all was what a small world it is. There a lot of a lot of meaningful pictures on it, so we are real glad to get the phone back.’



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