Boy,2, Crushed to Death by Dolphin Statue

A toddler vacationing with his family in San Francisco was tragically killed Friday when a 6-foot-tall dolphin statue fell on him outside a Fisherman’s Wharf store. The killed 2-year-old has been identified as Kayson Shleton of Draper, Utah who was in town with five of his vacationing relatives. Police say Kayson ran up to the illegally placed dolphin statue outside Majestic Collection Art Gallery around 11:30am, stepped on the base and wrapped his arms around the statue before it toppled over and crushed him. The boy’s six-year-old sister tried to protect her brother and stop the statue from falling, but the object was too heavy. It’s not known how much the statue weighed.

Kayson was initially treated for just a bloody nose at the scene, but authorities say his condition worsened and he was taken to San Francisco General Hospital’s emergency room where he died four hours later.



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