Free the Nipple!

Scout Willis is furious with Instagram and she’s quite keen to make sure everyone knows it. Scout was distraught to discover her entire Instagram account had been shut down because it contained images of her nipples.  At first, all she wanted was her photos back, but this soon developed into a protest that questions the very reasons why Instagram believes nipples (specifically female nipples) should not be allowed to be displayed in public places ever. It’s well known that Instagram is one of many social networks that lose their minds if the dreaded female nipple makes its appearance.
The idea is that female nipples, which exist to help mothers feed their babies, are not family-friendly. Even pictures of breast-feeding mothers are considered too raunchy for Instagram.


  1. She’s nobody’s mother. On the street, she paraded herself amongst, perhaps, children and is that her way of pushing dialogue for parents to have dialogue with children who aren’t intellectually ready for these kinda conversations? What purpose was that other than self-serving? We don’t care about her nipples.

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