Guy Tattoos McDonalds Receipt on Arm

A Norwegian man has shown that his love for cheeseburgers and McFlurries goes further than most people after tattooing in a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Lørenskog, southwest Norway, was told by his friends that he had been ‘too active on the ladies front’ and as punishment had to get a tattoo. His Monday night dinner is now forever etched on his right arm, but the student says it could have been worse – the alternative was a Barbie doll on his butt.

The student’s first ever tattoo now covers most of his lower right arm, and unsurprisingly his parents are not best pleased. ‘I got an email from my dad that wasn’t entirely positive, saying “What on earth have you done?! Do you think you are coming home with that!? Your mother has had a break down”,’ Mr Ytterdahl told Expressen.


  1. Shakes piggy head. I would have went for the barbie on the butt. At least you can cover that up. Kids these days! Shakes piggy heads. XOXO – Bacon

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