Californian Building an Ark in his Back Yard

Chris Robinson, a designer, began thinking about the how his family could surive an event similar to the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. Now, he has almost finished his project – a giant ‘tsunamiball’ that can float away from its perch in his back garden, keeping its occupants safe inside.

‘Tsunamiball is intended to be a tsunami-proof boat,’ Robinson said. ‘After the Japanese tsunami in March of 2011 I started to wonder how a family might survive such a brutal and sudden event.’ Robinson then talked about the idea with friends, before he started sketching. ‘The project started as a series of creative conversations and sketches with friends about possible ways to escape a tsunami with your family intact,’ he said.

‘With no boat building experience and almost no time spent on the water, this was more of a fantasy than a practical planning exercise,’ he admits. ‘But the more I researched, the more I expected I could build it, and I started to build in January of 2012.’I hope to finish sometime in late 2014.’ The boat has a double hull to protect it from sharp objects and debris. ‘The idea for this boat is to have it in the back yard above the detached garage, several miles from the water, said Robinson.  ‘The focus is on building a vessel that could withstand the initial impact of a tsunami from any direction while on land.’




  1. Have you ever heard of the Epic of Gilgamesh? Well, it’s identical to the Genesis flood bedtime story… but written about 2 to 3 thousand illusory-like years before the handbook of predictive programming called the ‘Old Testament’ started its circus show.

    ‘Utnapishtim’ became the flood hero ‘Noah’ in the newer version.

    By the way friend, predictive programming is found in ditties, myths, songs, shows, art, movies, science, and religion. The subtle messages program the subconscious mind, nudging you to focus on an event, so as to increase its probability it’ll occur in the ‘future’. One who experiences the event thinks it’s a natural occurrence, instead of recognizing it to be as staged as the Ginsu Knife sales pitch.

    There’s a coastal water event that is being planned by those who are directing both mainstream and alternative media. Since most carnival patrons don’t control their attention, it’s highly likely it just might occur.

    The arc of angles assists in creating the perception of ‘things’. In essence, the ArcAngel is the ‘Arc of Angles’ (created by the mixing of the 3 energies that are subjectively interpreted as colors red green blue when they come together to make the first Hexagram).

    An Archon creates using Angles.

    The arc of archeology brings the illusory-like past and presents it as real to those in the present.

    The arch connects duality, and presents it as one. Two bull horns of bull.

    The ark is the arc of electricity that El-ectrifies, and provides what is wrongly thought of as ‘life’. All brought to you by Elhohim (the Elected Hebrew name for God).

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